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What was your most embarassing moment?

We all have had them and unfortunately we never seem to forget them. I have had my share and a few stray ones also. Circa 1992, and we were getting ready to buy our first home. It was an exciting day and it called for some dress-up clothes and shoes. I was dressed in a beautiful tan suit and high heels with panty hose. My husband wore a sport coat and slacks and we arrived at the County Courthouse to meet with the sellers and lawyers from both sides to sign the paperwork.

Our Courthouse was an old but beautiful building. There was a long flight of stone stairs leading up to the front doors. I didn’t wear high heels too often since I am tall  and didn’t want to dwarf those around me. 🙂 As we climbed the stairs, my ankle gave way and I took a header in front of anyone and everyone who had appointments and work that day at the Courthouse. My husband helped me up and I had torn the front of my panty hose from knee to halfway down my shins and scraped both knees which were now bleeding profusely. I cleaned up as good as I was able and we entered the lawyer’s office while they stared at my torn panty hose and bloody knees. It took a bit of the excitement out of the day and added a different type back in.

So, let’s hear yours. You know you have a few….right????



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