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They have passed and we know not what to do.

Something made me think today (a good thing) about a subject we avoid since not one of us likes to face the fact that we are not immortal. It was reported today on Twit tv that over one million people who are members on Face Book, passed away. Now that is shocking until you remember that there are millions of people on Face Book. I hear that they are taking it seriously in the corporate offices of the Face Book powers that be. Will they turn the departed’s wall into a shrine that we can all sign?

I had a good friend who was online with me at another site. We worked together and exchanged emails. She was funny and a huge help. All of a sudden I realized that she had been missing for a couple of weeks. I had no idea what was going on and emailed her with no answer back. I happened to go to Face Book that day and checked her page and lo and behold, friends were sending her love, prayers and saying how much they missed her. It was a shock and I didn’t know quite what to do since we had only been friends online and she lived with her parents far away from me. Her sweet face still graces my friends list and when it cycles through and I see it it invokes smiles or sadness depending on the day.

So what are your thoughts? How should we handle the situation? Let’s hear from you on what would be appropriate in these new relationships online?



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