Kathie Berry

They have passed and we know not what to do.

Something made me think today (a good thing) about a subject we avoid since not one of us likes to face the fact that we are not immortal. It was reported today on Twit tv that over one million people who are members on Face Book, passed away. Now that is shocking until you remember […]

What was your most embarassing moment?

We all have had them and unfortunately we never seem to forget them. I have had my share and a few stray ones also. Circa 1992, and we were getting ready to buy our first home. It was an exciting day and it called for some dress-up clothes and shoes. I was dressed in a […]

I’m Posting every day in 2011!

I am new to this site even though I have owned my own blogs before and it’s wear & tear on your psyche as well as your feet and backs.Plus there is no community feeling that goes on in your own site. Here at WordPress.com, that is exactly what you get. A personal feeling that […]

Welcome to the Writer’s Pub!

Welcome to The Writer’s Pub. If you happened here by chance, I plan on trying to keep you; if you happened here by design you are halfway there, and if you really don’t like bloggers and blogs of any kind, I plan on changing your outlook. So take a seat, here’s a drink and get […]